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Legal services

Our team of lawyers consists of lawyers, lawyers from business, state bodies, public companies, the IT sector...

Along with lawyers, we also have economists, technologists, translators, engineers... to solve business issues.

Rest assured that we can cover most of your needs, in the shortest time possible, at prices far lower than legal services or an employee's salary..


Legal and business support

We provide telephone customer support from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except on Sundays. For more complex questions that require time or documentation, we provide customer support via email 24/7/365  

General acts

Join successful companies, associations and entrepreneurs, who have organized their business operations, distanced themselves from various responsibilities and excluded the risk of labor-legal disputes, because they adopted harmonized and expertly drafted general acts.


Labor and migration law

Ensuring all conditions for the work of foreigners - visas, work permits, driver's licenses, nostrification of diplomas and licenses.

Regulation of the work status of foreigners.

We can offer highly skilled and casual workers from Bangladesh and India.

Training for office work and ICT security

Training for employees and management in the field of office business, IT and communication security, with harmonization of general acts, employment contracts and more. The training includes the employer's business policy, labor legislation and good customs.


Public procurement

From the preparation of tender documents to requests for the protection of rights in public procurement procedures. Our experience, since the introduction of public procurement in Serbia in 2002, will solve even the biggest dilemmas. We also provide all the necessary evidence of the fulfillment of qualitative conditions. 


We provide specialists for representation before state bodies, inspections, institutions, banks and more. Our team of lawyers is ready for representation before all courts in Serbia, at the most favorable prices, with the help of experts from various fields and detailed processing of cases.

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