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Other Services

Our team includes experts from various fields (economists, engineers, technologists, specialists...)

Here we will single out only a few of them.

Solving problems and modern business requires a multidisciplinary approach, therefore, our solutions imply a comprehensive understanding of the problem. There is no need to engage and coordinate more, expensive and uncommitted associates to solve daily and occasional tasks.

Archival materials and office operations

Fulfill the legal obligations related to archival materials! Complete solutions for paper and electronic documentation.

Of course, we recommend that you harmonize your obligations with all your habits, and connect archival and office business. 


Renewable energy

The entire procedure for obtaining the status of a privileged electricity producer or prosumer.

Assessment of geographic location and economic profitability.

Implementation of the equipment procurement procedure

29718-eco-friendly-alternative-energy (1).gif


Counseling and preparation of documentation for the purchase of insurance.

Preparation of compensation requests, assessment of the amount of damage and court procedures for collection.

Analysis of existing insurance policies and finding the most economical solutions.

Coordination of projects and contractors

Taking care of deadlines, quality and economy of contracted construction and other works or projects. Coordination of multiple projects and contractors.

Providing expert supervision and reporting on all details and stages.


Processing and conversion of documents

Grammatical and technical processing of all types of documents - Word, Excel, PDF...

Conversion and processing of textual and multimedia documentation.

Creation, printing, sending and delivery of documentation.

Finansije i računovodstvo

Računovodstvene usluge i poresko savetovanje.

Za složenija pitanja za koje potrebno vreme ili izrada dokumenata, korisničku podršku pružamo preko e-pošte 24/7/365  

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