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Organization and regulation of the entire business​
Checking the conditions for starting work and registration
​ Drafting of the founding act or statute
Registration in the APR of Serbia
Registration of persons, members of bodies and other in ABPK and APR of Serbia

Rules of Procedure
Rule book of the systematization of work places
Rulebook on office business with ICT
Rulebook on ICT security
Other general acts

Basic employment contracts
Advanced employment contracts
Check-in and check-out of employees
Takeover of employees
Conducting disciplinary proceedings
Procedure for termination of employment contract
All other labor legal acts

All types of contracts in the economy
Business-technical cooperation
Consulting and collection procedure in the field of insurance
Resolving property-legal relations

Representation before courts (through a lawyer)
Representation before state bodies
Advocacy, compliance with orders and preparations for inspection supervision

Implementation and training of management and employees:

  •   office operations

  • information and communication affairs and security

  • business monitoring with the assignment of authorization levels

  • work of management bodies (assemblies, committees ...)

All trainings are accompanied by complete documentation - plan, minutes, certificates, qualification forms


Development of computer networks and the entire network system

Analysis of the existing computer network, diagnostics and troubleshooting

Computer network maintenance, computers,

Maximum WiFi and Lan network coverage

Installing and configuring the printer

Computer diagnostics and service

Installing a new operating system (Windows, Linux) and programs

Tips for procurement

Assembling computer configurations

Connecting peripherals (printers, scanners…)

Upgrade existing computers

Arrival at the address or via courier service

Antivirus protection

Restoring the system
Data recovery

Data storage (BackUp)
Protection and recovery from ransomware attacks

Install and configure Microsoft and Office 365 packages
Cloud programming
Small Cloud Applications
The entire labor law organization through Cloud programs and platforms

Video surveillance with monitoring on all devices
Installation of devices and production of identification, promotional and payment cards for employees, clients, members and guests
Adapting ICT resources to client needs
Installation, configuration and maintenance of remote monitoring equipment (SCADA, alarms, sensors, PLC, etc.)

Production of electronic documents

Creating simpler internet sites


Optimization and SEO

Production of propaganda leaflets


Short animations

Short commercials


Translation of technical documentation

Technical documentation translation services:

- electronic instructions and regulations

- instructions for use

- product manuals

- drawings and product catalogs

- maintenance instructions

- technical instructions and specifications

- training materials and professional development

- translations of technical sites

- user instructions

- other technical documentation

Translation and localization in the IT industry

Translation and localization services in the IT industry:

- translation of documentation

- software localization

- translation of technical instructions

- user interface localization

Translation in the field of banking, investment, accounting and insurance

Financial documentation translation services:

- bank websites

- business plans

- business documentation

- economic reports

- economic reports

- insurance documents

- marketing and sites

- prospectuses

- policies and contracts

Translation of legal documentation without and with the certification of a court interpreter

Legal documentation translation services:

- documentation for company registration

- contracts

- certificates

- directives

- documents of the human resources service

- legal procedures

- employment contracts

- court documents

- patents

- regulations

- judgments

- statutes

Translation and localization of marketing texts

Translation and localization services in the field of marketing:

- press releases

- catalogs and brochures

- presentations

- electronic news and electronic materials

- marketing campaigns

- various advertising materials

Simultaneous and consecutive translation

Proofreading and proofreading

Translator "NA DAN"



Business English course

Spanish language course

Preparing for IELTS

Serbian language classes for foreigners

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